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Oil Pressure Is The Life Blood Of The Harley-Davidson Engine

~ Harley-Davidson Oil Pressure ~

The  Early Days

The first V-Twin, the "Knucklehead" was fitted with an internal set screw that allowed the rider to adjust the oil pressure to the correct setting.  In this time period, competition in the motorcycle industry was fierce!  Harley-Davidson had to prove that they not only had a powerful engine, but, a reliable one as well.  By allowing the owner to adjust their oil pressure, the pumps performed as designed and the Harley-Davidson engine’s performance and durability became legendary within the U.S. and abroad.  With the introduction of the "Panhead" this option was discontinued and the days of oil pressure problems began.

Low Oil Pressure

The problem with low oil pressure is that you are getting too much

oil to your lower end and lesser amounts to your upper end.

This Causes

  1. Bullet Noisy, unpumped hydraulic


  1. Loss of horsepower because

   the valves are not opening


  1. Clackety rocker arms causing

   early rocker bushing and shaft


  1. Excessive heat in the upper

   end where the combustion

   process occurs

The main problem with low oil pressure is that it causes premature engine failure.

High Volume

It is time to put to rest the “Myth” that the Harley-Davidson engine is a “high volume-low oil pressure system”.

This Simply Isn’t Possible!

The After-Market “High Volume” oil pumps prove this point!

Because they have a higher ratio set of feed gears, they produce tremendous amounts of oil pressure at start up

(High volume-high pressure)!

Then, when the engine is warmed up, they allow the oil pressure to drop just like the “stock style” oil pump.

The problem with the high volume pump is that it produces so much oil pressure at start-up it floods the rocker boxes and heads causing leaks and premature gasket failure.

We have been in business for over twenty years and have sold thousands of these kits worldwide. Our customers are very satisfied and have never had the first problem of oil starvation to the lower end while having the correct amount of oil pressure!  We have also had Harley-Davidson guru's such as Keith Ruxton (who built the record setting Easyriders Streamliner) and Bob "The Rat" Taft gave us a "thumbs up" years ago!

I have been working on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for over 30 years and believe that I have the best, most precise and cost effective products that can be provided to increase and adjust H-D oil pressure!  I know without a doubt that my products will increase and regulate the oil pressure in the Harley-Davidson engines.  That is why all of my products have a money back guarantee.

                                                                                       W.J. EMMITT

High Oil Pressure

With that being said, if you are running excess oil pressure over 36 p.s.i. and up with a warm engine at highway speeds 55 m.p.h. and up, there is a possibility of either

  1. shapeimage_31_link_0 Starving the lower end

  1. Bullet Having too much oil pressure

   that causes "skidding" on the

   rods lower roller bearings.

Too much oil causes the roller bearings to skid around the crankpin instead of spinning, causing the bearings to develop flat spots.

This can only occur when running oil pressure that is out of the specifications that Harley-Davidson recommends!

We at E.R.T. Strictly adhere to Harley-Davidson Oil Pressure Specs

The Manufacturers recommended oil pressures

should always be the set standard for the oil pressure in all H-D engines.

At E.R.T. We Stand Behind Our Products - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or your Money Back !

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