Harley In-Spec Oil Pressure

Quites your Lifters

Harley-Davidson has had excellent hydraulic lifters since the Evos! Problem is, you have to have oil pressure for them to operate properly. Great news, we at E.R.T. Products, Inc., have the solution for Harley oil pressure problems !! When your lifters are quite, they are working properly!

Cools your Engine

Would you like to lower your operating oil temperature without installing an oil cooler? Of course you would!! By using our products & having proper oil pressure, you will average a 20 degree F. drop in warm engine oil temperature. 

Increases Horsepower

When your lifters are working properly, they follow the camshaft profile. This means that your valves open and shut in time and stay open for the length of time that the cam was designed for. Highly Accurate Lift and Duration! This will make a serious increase in performance!!!

E.R.T. Products

Shovels & Evos

With an external oil pump, it is so simple to increase oil pressure in Shovels and Evo's !!! If you don't have proper oil pressure in these models of Harley engines, the fix is super easy.  Without any special tools, it only takes 10 minutes to have a quieter, cooler, more responsive engine by updating your oil pressure to Factory Harley specs. Our SP-1 WILL increase your oil pressure!!! To precisely set your oil pressure, use our PJ-2 Pro-Just!!!

Twin Cams

Twin Cams have piston cooling jets that cool the piston skirts, which is a great idea. But,if these jets don't have at least 12-18 p.s.i., they shut off. Installing our SP-TC ensures that you will always have proper factory oil pressure. Enjoy a cooler running, quieter Twin Cam engine and gain horsepower at the same time !!! Installation without removing the Cam Plate made easy by using our TC-EZ!!!


Monitor the oil pressure on your Harley-Davidson with confidence & style!!! The Pro-Gauge is designed specifically for the harsh environment encountered by the air-cooled engine.

Harley-Davidson is What We Do

 Since 1990 E.R.T. Products, Inc. has provided American made performance motorcycle parts. 

We specialize in Increasing Harley oil pressure which cures noisy lifters & gains Horsepower!!!

Improve performance and quiet your engine at the same time!!!

From our Customers

Trooper Spirit

This is my TC88 over the pond here in the UK, with an ERT SP-TC super pump kit fitted. Even after upgrading to the newest spec oil pump, cam carrier and hydraulic cam tensioner set up the ERT pump kit still improved and stabilized the oil pressures and I get 10-12psi on tick over. A wicked low cost awesome upgrade for any Harley.

Cheers ERT 👏🏻👍🏻👊🏻I 

Randy Kain

The springs arrived today and all I can say is OMG! Before I changed the spring I had 4 lbs. of pressure at idle with a cold engine and 18 lbs. at 2500 rpm. When the engine warmed up I lost all pressure at idle with the red warning light on and the gauge showing 0 lbs and got 15 lbs at 55 mph. The engine also rattled and ticked at idle badly. I installed the blue spring and took it for a drive. I now have 12 lbs.at idle and 35 lbs at 55 mph or faster. I am amazed! This is for sure the best thing I've bought for my bike yet and I'll be telling any and everyone who'll listen about what your product did for my Harley!   

Mike Kelley

I installed the PJ-2 Pro-Just on my Evo custom. It works like a dream. I have all the oil pressure I need now. It is a pleasure to finally buy something for a Harley that works. Thanks a lot for your help. I will be telling all the Harley guys that I know about your stuff!                                      

Steven Byrom

The unit is great! And with the aid of the oil pressure gauge, I have brought up the oil pressure to the correct levels using the PJ-2. I can now ride in peace, knowing that the most vital part of my engine( most vital part of any engine, OIL ) is being fed to all the necessary moving parts. Thanx again for sending it.